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The Round Lake Cam is the 4th in our amazing lineup of community LIVE stream cameras.  We are super proud to be able to present this camera to the community.    

The Round Lake Cam is streamed using a high-end PTZ camera and streaming software that allows the camera to send the LIVE feed directly to YouTube.  We love streaming to YouTube because it gives viewers the ability to watch from anywhere, from any device, and provides a 12 hour history so that you can catch anything you may have missed throughout the day.  


FunkiER Properties generously provided the location and internet for this camera and we couldn't be more thankful for that.  You already know FunkiER Properties has an amazing view and you can check out their vacation rental listings on VRBO here if you are interested in visiting Charlevoix.  

We also had help from Jake Peters of Mind Over Manor on this project.  He manages the properties from and other properties as well.  Jake did a lot of the renovations to the Thatch House, which is considered one of the best rental properties in America.   He has a great deal of construction experience and is our go-to guy when we need help with an installation.  Jake also played a large role in the installation of the FerryCam.   

We want to send another big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed towards the Round Lake Cam.  We had a ton of awesome donations and we honestly could not do this without all of the generous sponsors.  

Keep watching CharlevoixCam for some of the best views in Northern Michigan!

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