Current Projects

CharlevoixCam’s first Live Stream Camera “ChannelCam” was the brainchild of Mr. Rick Crane. Rick has long been in love with Charlevoix since he was a young child and would visit with his family. As an out of state resident, Rick had a dream of capturing the magical view he is still so fond of and being able to see it from wherever he was.


To make the dream come to life, Mr. Crane partnered up with Local Tech Expert Kyle Kopytko, Owner of Techwise Guy, a Charlevoix based Computer Repair and Tech Support Business. Kyle’s goal was to create the highest quality LIVE Stream video possible under the sometimes difficult weather conditions of Northern Michigan, and to be sure that the camera would be used for raising awareness of the breathtaking beauty of the Charlevoix area.


Together CharlevoixCam was born, and soon the ChannelCam was up and running on YouTube, making it very user friendly and cost free for anyone wanting to peek in on Charlevoix from near or far.


Soon after its debut CharlevoixCam was recognized by a very large global company, EarthCam, and won an award based on the content and quality of the Live Stream Video. CharlevoixCam was chosen as one of the TOP 25 webams in the World, which is an honor we are very proud of.


CharlevoixCam’s Channel Cam has a growing fan base and we are happy that so many people are enjoying it. We have more camera projects in the works, and as our love for everything Charlevoix continues to grow, we hope to be able to continue sharing it with the world.


As with anything, there are many facets to what it takes to keep CharlevoixCam up and running and working towards continued growth. Please consider donating to our projects so that we can ensure their existence in the future.


Project BridgeCam is currently underway and the objective is to feature Charlevoix’s Memorial Bridge. We are in the process of raising awareness and funds to finalize this project. 

Together with Silver Linings Charlevoix, a local Non-Profit Organization, we are seeking help from the public to bring this project to life. As many people know the Charlevoix Memorial Bridge will soon be lit up with many beautiful LED lights. We can’t think of a better way to share this awesome accomplishment with everyone than by making it the focus of a 24/7 Live Stream video. The Live video will function along-side it’s sister camera, CharlevoixCam’s Channel Cam, on YouTube for anyone to watch no matter the time of day or year. 

Our hope is to raise awareness about our breathtaking scenery, quaint community and simply everything else that our beautiful area has to offer. Whether you are a local, a seasonal resident, a vacationer or if you have never been here before and are planning a trip, we hope that you enjoy the cameras and visit them frequently for small slice of our favorite place on earth. 

If you are interested in and able to contribute to seeing our project come to fruition, please follow the link of your choice to either one of these websites to make a donation that everyone can benefit from.


In memory of Paul Witting and his passion for the waters of Northern Michigan, CharlevoixCam installed a LIVE camera that overlooks the Ironton Ferry.

Joan Witting’s vision was to have a picturesque view of the Ferry and the boats that pass through.  Paul lived directly across from the Ironton Ferry and was one of the Ferry’s most regular customers.  Paul was also an active member of the Lake Charlevoix Association and an active member of the community. 

The Ironton Ferry agreed to provide the location for the camera, and we are very grateful for that.  We had tons of support for this project and it was obvious that Paul was very loved by his friends and co-workers.  We received donations from all over Michigan from people who knew and loved Paul.  CharlevoixCam felt honored to even be working on the project.  Paul was TechWise Guy’s first official customer, and CharlevoixCam is ran by TechWise Guy.  TechWise Guy and Paul were good friends for years before Paul passed. 


The ChannelCam hosted by CharlevoixCam was recently awarded top 25 Webcams in the World, and we would like to maintain this quality for the FerryCam.  CharlevoixCam aims to raise awareness for Northern Michigan towns and businesses through LIVE media, while also providing a way for people to connect to the places they love, even when they can’t be there to enjoy it in person. 

CharlevoixCam is seeking support for maintenance costs that will be involved in the FerryCam.  CharlevoixCam has been enjoyed by millions of viewers so far, and we would like the same for the FerryCam.

If you knew Paul, you knew that his memory was worth honoring and how much he would love what we are accomplishing in his honor.  CharlevoixCam wants to ensure that Paul’s passion is remembered, and we would love your support on this cause.


In December of 2019, Silver Linings Charlevoix 501c3 donated a fantastic camera to CharlevoixCam to use as the new BridgeCam.  The BridgeCam is meant to be enjoyed by everyone from anywhere at any time, just like the other CharlevoixCam LIVE cameras.  It will also be a useful tool for traffic reports, bridge and bridge light maintenance, weather monitoring, and more.

This awesome new BridgeCam also helps to highlight the amazing efforts that went in to lighting the bridge thanks to Paul Belding’s vision.  The bridge in Charlevoix lit up in full color is truly a site to behold and is now more available than ever. 

The BridgeCam did not happen overnight and took a lot of planning and discussions to come to fruition.  The first obstacle of course is funding the camera.  The kinds of cameras that we must use to function in extreme hot and cold temperatures and can stream to thousands of people at once don’t come cheap.  Silver Linings Charlevoix did an incredible job of pulling the funds together and raising money for this project.


The next obstacle for this project was finding a source for the internet.  Streaming in 2k requires almost nearly the entire standard high-speed internet connection’s upload bandwidth, and so we couldn’t run another camera from the same source as our ChannelCam.  Many of the nearby units are seasonal and didn’t have year-round internet access to share with us.  As luck would have it though, Scovies Gourmet came to our rescue. 

Scovies Gourmet in downtown Charlevoix has been a staple of the community for many years and now continues to show their generosity and love for the community by providing the means to get the BridgeCam streaming.  If you find yourself enjoying the BridgeCam be sure and stop in at Scovies and tell them how much you love the camera, and then sit down and treat yourself to some of the best food in town.


The BridgeCam can still use your support as we will have many ongoing costs and maintenance requirements.  Consider donating to any one of our awesome projects and remember to Subscribe, Like, and Share. 

BridgeCam by CharlevoixCam in Carlevoix, MI
Scovies Gourmet in Charlevoix, MI